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Help Cole's Pantry Feed Montana Children

One of the best ways to help feed hungry Montana children is by donating or sponsoring. Cole’s Pantry, a non-profit organization in Billings, accepts donations and offers sponsorships for those who want to support this cause.

Cole’s Pantry is a 501c3 charitable organization that provides healthy meals and snacks to students during the school year and summer through our backpack program at schools throughout Montana. Kids are provided with nutritious lunches on Fridays so they don’t have to go without any food over the weekend.

One-Time Donation

Montana’s children are hungry. One in five Montana kids is not getting enough food to live a healthy life. That means that more than 120,000 Montana kids go without nutritious meals every day and we need your help! When you make a one-time donation easily online through Cole’s Pantry, you will be helping feed a child in the Treasure State. Join us today by making a donation and helping feed the children who need it most!

Backpack Program

Sending more then 1500 backpacks out weekly

100% Volunteer

Our staff is 100% Volunteer so your money helps the cause

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